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One World Government Teams with Big Noise

One World Government has teamed up with Big Noise to help promote its upcoming and future albums. Big Noise is committed to exposing great recording artists, and all of their artists have always impressed me with their marketability. Radio-ready music all the way around and the musicianship and songwriting is always exceptional. Big Noise has …

“Spiritual Cage” Review

Another great review, this time from OddFuse. “After spending some time listening to and getting to know the work of One World Government, a project started by Phoenix based singer songwriter and bassist Paul Barrett, aided by guitarist and studio engineer James Lipton; I came to the understand that their music has a higher purpose…”

“Death Valley” Review

Between the Gaps did a great review of Death Valley. “Death Valley is the music video released earlier in the year by Phoenix, AZ band One World Government. The group whose sound is transcendental and often touches on spiritual subjects is once again doing what it does best…”

“Souls for Robots” Review

Big thanks to AudioSteez for this great write up on our Souls for Robots. “One World Government is the Phoenix based group, composed by Paul Barrett who is the lead vocalist, bassist and founder of the project; and James Linton who plays the guitar and oversees all studio engineering.